Undergraduate Information

We have several tracks within the undergraduate program in philosophy ranging from a pure philosophy degree to pre professional designed to have you ready for law school or seminary. Each of the separate tracks leads either to the BA in Philosophy or the BA in Philosophy with a Religion concentration. We also have a variety of double majors worked out. Just click on the appropriate link below to see a check sheet for the program you are interested in. You will also find a link to our undergraduate minor requirement, a choice that will strengthen any major. Finally we provide a page of links that you might find of interest, including career information.

Philosophy major Philosophy major with an emphasis on the study of religion B.A. Philosophy and Political Science Double Major Philosophy major in preparation for law school Philosophy major in preparation for seminary Philosophy Mathematics double major Philosophy Economics double major Philosophy Sociology double major Philosophy English double major

Philosophy minor consists of 15 hours of PHI courses

Religion minor consists of 15 hours of REL courses

Links of Interest