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Feb 8, 2016

Job Candidate Speaking February 11 - Dr. Anthony Neal

Dr. Anthony Neal, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Paine College in Georgia, will be giving a talk in our department on February 11. His talk, titled “Howard Thurman's Mystical Logic: Creatively Encountering Oneness," will occur from 5:00-7:00PM in McCain Hall, Room 185. Dr. Neal is a candidate for an Assistant Professor position funded by the College of Arts and Sciences as well as MSU Enhancement Funds. Note the change in day, time, and room from our usual speaker series. Dr. Neal's abstract is as follows:

The climatic end to a lifelong search, which harmonizes one man’s understanding of the world as a whole, consists of a single volume with the title, The Search for Common Ground, a text which exemplifies, in short detail, Howard Thurman’s combined understanding of science and mysticism as a philosophy and a way of life. This presentation will examine this work along with the work entitled, Disciplines of the Spirit to gain a more formal understanding of Thurman’s philosophical framework. Howard Thurman, through the use of science and mysticism becomes what Bertrand Russell depicts as the greatest of men. This feat is accomplished through Thurman’s use of a horizontally referenced logical system, which was founded upon the philosophically based mysticism of the Renaissance. His basic premise, which focuses on the mystic claim of the oneness of all, is demonstrated in such statements as, “This is a living world,” offered as means to a conclusive moment of understanding that life is eternally interconnected. In this research, an exposition of Howard Thurman’s philosophy of religion will be given full attention, so as to demonstrate its logical form along with its experiential nature. From this exposition, Thurman’s tenuous position within African American Philosophy will be bolstered, while also locating Thurman within the greater discussion of Philosophy of Religion in general.

We hope to see you there!

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