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Oct 15, 2018

Our Next Visiting Speaker October 19 - Illya Davis

Dr. Illya Davis, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and African-American Studies at Morehouse College, will be giving a talk in our department on Friday, October 19. His talk, titled “An Analysis of a Language of Race Derived from "Social Qualia",” will be given from 2-4pm in 185 McCain Hall. His abstract is as follows:

The issue under interrogation involves the analysis of a concept of race considered as demonstrably and materially real. It is argued that race (as well as racialized language), results from what I will refer to as a type of 'socially derived qualia' (a type of social 'fact'), yet does not rise to the level of a 'brute fact'. The outcome purports to give substance and grounding to the operations of race and racial language within the social institutions and attendant citizenry here in the U.S. without dismissing these as social fictions ameliorated by mere socio-linguistic clarification

We hope to see you there!

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