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Dr. Michael Roche

Anthony Neal Ph.D. (D.A.H.)

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Affiliated Faculty, African-American Studies
Room: 111 George Hall

Anthony Sean Neal is an Associate Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy and Religion and a Faculty Fellow in Shackouls Honors College of Mississippi State University. He is 2019 inductee into the Morehouse College Collegium of Scholars. Dr. Neal's areas of research focuses on African American Philosophy, African American Philosophy of Religion, with additional interests in Critical Theory, Neo-Platonism, Philosophy of Religion, and Political Philosophy. Dr. Neal received his doctorate in Humanities from Clark Atlanta University.

Dr. Neal’s first book, Common Ground (Africa World Press, 2015), compares the ideas of consciousness in the writings of Howard Thurman and Huey Newton to determine if there was any confluence. His theory is that any confluence that exists is a product of their coming of age during the Modern Era of the African American Freedom Aesthetic (1896-1975). His second book, Howard Thurman’s Philosophical Mysticism: Love Against Fragmentation (Lexington, 2019), exposes the philosophical ideas of Howard Thurman, with special attention to their connection to the freedom struggle of African Americans in the Modern Era. Currently, Dr. Neal is working on a book entitled, The Modern Era of the African American Freedom Struggle.

Selected Publications


  • Neal, Anthony Sean, Howard Thurman’s Philosophical Mysticism: Love Against Fragmentation, Jan 2019 (Lexington Press)
  • Neal, Anthony Sean, Common Ground: A Comparison of the Ideas of Consciousness in the Writings of Howard W. Thurman and Huey P. Newton, July 2015 (Africa World Press)


  • Neal, Anthony Sean, Journal of Black Theology, “Howard Thurman’s Mystical Logic: Creatively Encountering Oneness,” (Vol. 16:1, 2017)
  • Neal, Anthony Sean, Journal of Pan-African Studies. "From the Suppression the Repression: Connecting the Ideological Lineage of W. E. B. Du Bois to Huey P. Newton” (July 2016) p.32-46
  • Neal, Anthony, APA Newsletter on Philosophy and the Black Experience, “Howard Thurman: Philosopher”


  • Philosophy of Religion and the African American Experience: Conversations with my Friends, Neal, Anthony, Journal of Black Theology, (Vol. 17:1, 2018)
  • Neal, Anthony (co-author), Tunstall, Dwayne (co-author), The Acorn, “Subjects of Vulnerability,” (Vol. 18:1-2, 2019) p. 51-75