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Jim Rosenblatt

From Jim Rosenblatt, J.D., Dean, Mississippi College School of Law (MC Law), Jackson, MS

"It is my experience that the study of philosophy offers helpful preparation for law studies. The discipline requires ample amounts of reading, writing, and critical analysis which are so important in the study of law. The logic course offered in philosophy departments is also a superb pre-law course and aids in preparing for the LSAT. To be able to think critically and analytically and to express thoughts clearly in writing is so valuable during one's legal education and later in practice. It is my experience that philosophy professors challenge students and open their minds to new ways of viewing a situation--a skill so important to an attorney."

Dean Rosenblatt earned a B.A. degree in Philosophy from Vanderbilt University, graduating cum laude (with honors), before earning his J.D. degree from Cornell Law School. His personal slogan is, “Let Justice Roll.”