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Undergraduate Information

Undergraduate Information

Our department offers a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy, either focusing on Philosophy or adding a concentration in Religion. To receive the BA, one must complete the requirements of the Department of Philosophy and Religion as well as the core requirements of all majors in the College of Arts & Sciences. For more comprehensive information on the College of Arts & Sciences requirements, please see this page.

In addition to being a valuable major on its own, Philosophy is also an excellent option for a double major along with other disciplines at Mississippi State. Philosophy helps you to develop critical thinking, writing, reading, and discussion skills that are useful in any discipline or pursuit. Contact us to learn more about how Philosophy might complement your other interests!

If you have an interest in pursuing one of our programs, feel free to contact Barton Moffatt for an interest in Philosophy and Joseph Witt for an interest in Religion

Philosophy and Religion Courses

See this page for general descriptions of the courses offered by our department.

Programs of Study

BA in Philosophy BA in Philosophy, Religion Concentration Philosophy Minor Religion Minor Graduate Options

Links of Interest

General resources on why one might want to major in philosophy:

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