Speaker Series

Recent speakers have included: Anne Baril, Barbara Montero, Justin Coates, Felipe De Brigard, Edouard Machery, Illya Davis, Ram Neta, Dennis Marks, Luvell Anderson, Daniel Weiskopf, Christian Miller, Christopher Weaver, Peter Achinstein, Marco Nathan, Deborah Mower, Kelly Jolley, Alyssa Ney, Bill Ramsey, John Symons, Jenefer Robinson, Gregory Pence, James Dow, Jacob Caton, Timothy Yenter, Nicholaos Jones, Robert Talisse, Shannon Spaulding

Recent Conferences Hosted at MSU

The Good Enough Life (2023)

Keynote by Elizabeth Anderson

Creating Space for Lucy: Philosophy, Race and the Arts in Nashville Ballet's LUCY NEGRO REDUX (2023)

Blackness Visible (2022)

Why do History of Philosophy? (2019)

Keynotes by Michael Kremer; Paul Taylor

Happiness and Well-Being (2018)

Keynote by Valerie Tiberius

Civic Studies (2017)

Keynote by Peter Levine

Shakespeare and Philosophy (2016, with UMiss)

Visual Attention (2016)

Keynote by Robert Kentridge

Philosophy of Biology (2012)

Keynote by C. Kenneth Waters

Experimental Philosophy (2011)

Keynote by Jonathan Weinberg

Libertarianism (2010)

Keynote by Matt Welch

Environmental Ethics (2009)

Keynote by John Baird Callicott